Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3Dtour Blog launched

It has been about three months now since the new Virtual Tour project at was launched. At this moment you can find there nearly 100 interactive panoramas from different locations mainly from Czech Republic, but there are also some from Slovakia and California. Indeed, there's much more to come soon as new virtual panoramic scenes will be added more-less regularly.

This blog will be dealing with a variety of virtual tour topics as well as featuring some live examples of high resolution spherical panoramas. Panoramic photography itself is almost as old as the subject of photography. However, to make a panorama interactive one needs to have a computer and appropriate software capable of displaying such an image in the real time, which is nowadays almost any computer but it wasn't like this some 5-10 years ago. Thus, the "art" of virtual tours is relatively new subject which gained significant popularity in just about last two years or so.

If you find this topic the same hot, stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Your 3D work is good!excellent one